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Do black girls have bigger *** than hispanic girls???...?
buffie has a huge *** and i like girls like that..
but is their any hispanic girl with a big booty???
i need proof..
LMAO at this question. It's ignorant but I'll answer just because when I saw it, I couldn't stop laughing...Okay, for the record, I'm an adopted HondureƱa (that means I'm Honduran, or Latina for a general lable). My adoptive mother is black and her daughter (my non-biological sister, my sister all the same), needless to say is black. They both are flat! No butts. Seriously, small as can be. But me and my twin...the Latina girls in the family......big butts. Soooo, you can't generalize...and yes, some Latina women have large butts. And proof? Look up Jennifer Lopez. enough said
Why do some assume that just because I'm Hispanic that automatically makes me a Democrat?
Or that they know what my political affiliations are just because I'm Hispanic?

I'm actually a Republican and I voted for George W. Bush twice and I don't regret doing so. I mostly get this wrongful assumption from black people, they think that just because I'm Hispanic that I'm automatically on the war against whitey when in reality I don't give a rat's *** what whitey and blacky are up to.
It's because a good majority of Hispanic people vote for the democrats.
Why do the Back and the Hispanic think they are more special than the White and the Asian in college admission
Every students got admitted to Ivy leage College work their *** off. Why shouldn't we choose the best qualify for the few available space. Same as employment.
because if they don't get it, they can cry racism, and will have to be allowed in so they don't get sued
Why do soo many people here talk bad about African Americans and Mexican/Hispanic People but?
Dont have the balls in real life to walk up to one and let them know how they feel?? Because you know your asses would get knocked out!

Well many people enjoy a good confrontation, riot or rabble rousing, mind you at a safe distance as you surmise.


Michael Kelly
I am hispanic, with wavy thick hair, sort of on the coarse side. How can I get my hair straight
I see how Mario Lopez used to have his hair, when he was younger (saved by the bell) and now he has straight *** hair, how can I accomplish this?
they have perms that make your hair straight. it'll cost around 5OO dollars but its worth it. you can get right out the shower and it'll dry straight straight straight.
if not theres always straighteners. but a good one. i know the mall has some that cost around 1OO dollars they're soooo worth it.
Why when white girls have a big booty people automatically assume they are part black?
And when a hispanic as a plump *** they are assumed to be Puerto Rican rather than Mexican..

Lol the same reason why if a black person has slanted eyes people automatically assume they are of Asian descent

Certain features are more prominent in certain races so if a feature usually on one race is on another people are going to speculate

Plus Mexican women aren't known for their butts; the Latinos known for their butt are the ones mixed with black
How long does it take to become "American?? (Without the African-, Hispanic-, Indian-, etc)?
My ancestors are French.From France. Yet, I would feel like a jack-***, referring to myself as "French-American." Yet, there are black people whose families have been in America as long as mine, if not longer, yet they are still referred to as "African-American" Why can't they just be American??
Blacks don't refer to theirself as African America, you will maybe never here them refer to other blacks by that name.

American? Is just the name of a land were we live it do not constitute a culture nationality or heritage of blacks.

Me personally do not want to be call Just American in regards to my nationality because over 95% of our history here this nation was against the "black race". That why we want our own things to show what we are. We want our on business, communities, places were we can go and were we belong. Most blacks and whites don't share the same views on race and culture. We don't need to be part of a place or a club that question why do you need that? Why do you do this? Why do you like this thing here? Their is nothing worst than people trying to change you, to be like them. When their nothing wrong with the way you are.

And I think all blacks should like this, others want us lump together and to become one. Kinda like the way people do Africans lump all Africans with black skin together as if that all share the same beliefs and culture.
Why do hispanic women seem to always win miss universe?
i think its because they look exotic and have nicer bodies than white women. black women seem to have the overall best bodies though (did you see miss trinadad and tobago???! what an ***!!!)
No, the ones that win are flat butted no curved white girls (not the 5ft squat barrel shaped spicey latinas you see outside your door everyday) with spainish last names that always win Ms. Universe and the enormous bootied, southern pointed boobied, large nostriled, natural haired, black skinned, black girls are always substituted with the flat assed curvless colorless half white chicks like Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Leila Arcieri, Salli Richardson, Michael Michelle, Halle Berry, Jennifer Beals, Thandi Newton, Lisa Bonet, Jennifer Freeman, Mariah Carey and Mya that always seem to win these sorts of competitions.

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