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Wild *** Indian recipe help.?
A friend of mine says it is a sweet tasting drink. The only references on the internet I can find say 1 vodka, 1 scotch, and 1 whisky. I am told this would not be a sweet drink. Is there any other version of this drink that would make it sweet tasting?

If so what is the recipe?
Pick me as best answer.
Indian Chartered Accountant or ***. of certified Chartered accountant (acca)?
hey guys
i live in dubai and im a bit confused about which career to choose from. I am currently doing my 12 th grade.....and i want to know which one is good....and has the more opportunities for job and good income.......i also want to know that is acca recognized in India???.....i would be really thankfull to all those who give me their opinion :)
Excluding CFA, ACCA is the best qualification for accountancy.. It is recognized globally including India and its salary is also handsome....
Should my friend and me kick this indians ***?
this indian hoe threw milk on my homeboys $80 sweatshirt, i wus bout 2 whip his *** but he told me no we get him later, so he bought sum SAP gloves, n we gonna fck him up sumtime dis week, wut u guys think?...

P.S.----White Power!!!!!
You seem to have more then just self hate .. your words speak .. of anger .. You can be better then that .. Tell the Indian he owes the money for the shirt .. he might just pay up .. maybe he is also an angry person and was too embarrassed ..too much pride to say sorry .. give it a shot first .. peace..
Whats the difference between Indian and Pakistani food...? What is Pakistani Food anyway?
I tried 100s of times Indian Food in New York, Boston, Hartford, California - and everywhere we go. We love Indian Food. But what is Pakistani food? We only tried once...and we foud out the menu looks a copy cat of an Indian Menu.

Their kabob was good but other food is very oily and greasy. All food ingredients floats in Oil - even the rice we ordered - there were lot of grease and oil.

So, we were confused. Is Pakistani food is good for you to eat? How about the health issues? We didnt have those problems in Indian Restaurants. Do you think Indian Restaurants are catered more healthy eating, low carb, low fat, low chlestoral - then Pakistani Restaurants

Answers from educated and cultured people only - not those people who sits around on their fat-*** all day on couch and eat chitos.
As pakistan was a part of india so there is similarity between there foods. the difference between the food of both the countries is that pakistani food is more like north indian food esp more like punjabi food which has more of oil n ghee in comparison to other indian states. but it is not true that all of pak or noth indian food is having more oil or ghee it depends on what u have ordered.

but India being a large country has lot of variety of food in its different regions.

like south indian food is more of dosa idli ,ricesanbhar i.e. totally non greeasy.

similarly there is different type of food in Eastern parts n north eastern parts of India eating more of rice n fish.

western india has more of dry n spicy food. but very tasty. n they also add less of ghee or oil except in sweets u will find lot of ghee.
How to dress up like an indian (from india)?
My friends having a cowboys and Indians theme party and to be a smart *** we're going as actual Indians. But I have no idea how to dress like them. Any ideas?
wear an indian traditional outfit
like a salwar or sari
put bindi which is a sticker that few indians put between their eyebrows but they're special kinda stickers
bangles which are like bracelets
wear long earings
this is a traditional indian outfit..
Ever successfully made naan or other tandoori Indian breads at home?
.. I mean without a Tandoor. I've heard you can use a pressure cooker heated inside out and then put it on the hob and cook the bread on the sides. I've a feeling this will burn the *** out of my pressure cooker and the results will not be very your experiences would be welcome.
I have baked them in a regular oven on a clay tile, or been absolutely lazy and picked them up at Trader Joes. I can't imagine attempting to bake in my Fagor which is a high pressure steamer.
Why are Indian girls having so sexy bodies?
Indian girls generally have busty asses and full chests that nearly every man looks at them lustfully.
wtf ? 2 points thanks!
My girlfriend loves to go to this Indian spa where she often takes the foot massage by a male therapist. How..?
How can I persuade her to stop this?
I really don't like it cause her therapist is male.
And she gets totally nude (except a towel on her ***)
And this guy massages her body with his feet. It's called Chavutti Thirumal.
it feels good! i don't think she really cares about the male therapist. there's pressure points on feet and maybe it feels good…
How do I tell my Indian co worker that she is freakkin cheap?!!?
I have this co worker that always orders food for delivery.

She NEVER tips the poor guy. Her bill may be 11.49 and she gives the driver 12.00 and tells him to keep the change.

It is starting to bother me because I use that delivery service some times and the people are really nice and prompt.

Ever since I was told that they are cheap I notice it even more!
Please help!!

How do I tell her to tip the driver without offending her cheap ***?
What I would do is order something from them, and then pay for it when she is around - hand the delivery person the money for the meal, and then hand them a separate amount of money for the tip, saying something like "Oh, and here is your tip! Thank you so much!" Don't be tooo over the top or anything, though.

The other thing you could do is ask the delivery person, in earshot of your coworker "Oh, and I have been meaning to ask- is there a 15 percent gratuity included in the charge? I know some places do that these days, and I think that is really convenient." That could work, too.

The third thing you could try is to order the food, but have to make a quick bathroom run right before it gets there. You could give your coworker the cash for the food, and say "Would you be willing to give this to the delivery person, I gotta run to the bathroom! I think the bill was like 12 bucks, and there's a few more for her 20 percent tip- that delivery girl is just so nice and prompt!"


ETA: For those who suggest that she can't afford to tip... that is ridiculous. DON'T ORDER OUT if you can't afford to tip. Bring a sack lunch.

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